Me and the people that work with me.

Bianca Howard

Professor Jon Wright

Co-supervising 2 doctoral researchers in the Area of Building Simulation & Optimization

Dr. David Allinson

Senior Lecturer in the Loughborough Building Energy Group. Expert in performance evaluation and measurement. Co supervising 1 doctoral researcher.

Dr. Dominic O’Sullivan

Assistant Professor at University College Cork. Co-supervising a doctoral researcher in design of commercial building energy systems for energy flexibility

Argyris Oraiopoulos

Postdoctoral Researcher working on the FlexTECC project developing a model selection approach for control-oriented urban building energy modelling

Rami El Geneidy

Doctoral Researcher from the LoLo Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Demand working on the FlexTECC goals, specifically development of model predictive control strategies for flexibility and evaluation in experimental test beds.

Vincenzo Rossi

Doctoral Researcher working on multi-objective optimisation for urban scale retrofit analysis

Riccardo Talami

Doctoral Researcher working on developing a methodological approach to enable simultaneous optimization of building form, fabric, HVAC systems, and controls.